Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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TurnKey Labor & Materials packages or Labor only, all trades bid separately! More rs2

Why does PacWest Contracting LLC offer

 Unbeatable Labor & Material Prices

… for all trades we offer services for?


Labor - we work hard, it's that simple. Our crews and management are organized as a team. Everyone knows what ‘s going on, knows the schedule and knows what it takes to meet schedules. And, our workers are the best to be found, many have been with us for years.  

Materials - again, simple. We take the time to complete accurate and all-inclusive material takeoffs … piece-by-piece, item by item. No “formulas” used to determine quantities for PacWest material takeoffs. We do it the “old fashioned way”, we study the architectural plans and build the project mentally from the ground up, carefully determining every type, size and quantity of material specified. Once the scope of materials are known,  calculations are made to determine actual quantities required. A minimal waste factor is added to the respective totals, minimal because our installers are trained to properly use the materials as disclosed on our material lists for each project.  Waste and misuse? You won’t see it on projects PacWest is involved with.  Construction materials being a huge cost item for each trade, especially the “big ticket” trades such as rough framing, drywall, concrete, roofing, doors & trim .. well, it’s a fact that over-estimating or under-estimating material quantities can wreck a project cost breakdown.  On the high side? May not get the bid!  On the low side? No profit made!

And, unlike ALL suppliers, we Guarantee the Quantities

Okay, let’s review what is considered normal procedure in the construction industry for obtaining material quotes:

  • A general contractor or representatives contacts known material suppliers
  • The supplier assigns a sales rep “to the account”
  • The sales rep gives the plans to an “in-house” estimator who works for the supplier
  • Many suppliers outsource to “free lance” estimators who work on a square foot price
  • The takeoff is done, often using formulas to calculate quantity
  • The takeoff is only an estimate, based on the skills and knowledge of the estimator
  • The sales rep applies pricing to the quantities on a line-by-line basis
  • Subtotals are established for each line item, then added for a Grand Total
  • The sales rep meets with “the client” or his representative to present the “estimate”
  • The general contractor or representative repeats the process with several suppliers
  • Often, the lowest material estimate is chosen and used for project cost breakdowns
  • Almost always, not one person thus far involved has worked in the “field”
  • Meaning, they probably do not know much about material usage and placement

 Now, all importantly …

… check the fine print at the bottom of the estimate.

It will state the “prices” are good for a “certain length of time”. NO WHERE will it state the quantities are 100% guaranteed. Check as many times as you desire, but PacWest can guarantee that the sales rep, supplier or estimator in the process will not be “sticking their neck out” to guarantee the quantity.

Next, check the PacWest proposal

What does it say? That PacWest Contracting guarantees the accuracy, quantity, selection and usage of all materials furnished to the project for each respective trade. For your project costing, simply “plug in” the PacWest price for labor and materials for any trade we submit a proposal for and that’s it. Completely unlike the material suppliers, sales reps and estimators whining at the end of the job that there are material shortages but the price is guaranteed? Well maybe the price is guaranteed, read the fine print again! And, our waste piles will be minimal, we’ll be cleaning up daily all debris caused by our work. For each trade we supply labor and/or materials for, your worries are over.

Lastly, we shop our takeoffs endlessly

with trusted wholesalers, not retailers.

Nope, we aren’t revealing our wide range of material sources just yet. Guaranteed, they are reputable and the grades and types of materials we supply will meet all project specifications.  Assuming PacWest wins the contract, our sources are revealed because we always request joint-checks to both PacWest and the suppliers, for our protection and yours.  All terms of purchase, delivery and payment schedules will be revealed.

And, “if the material quantities are right …

… PacWest prices are more competitive”.

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