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30+ years solid experience on a wide range of projects in the Pacific Northwest & Southwest.  About Us

PacWest Contracting LLC is a third generation family owned “heritage”.  It has evolved over the years from it’s southeast Texas inception in 1934 as Lupton Construction Co., Inc. by company founder Robert H. Lupton, Sr. After WWII, his son Robert H. Lupton, Jr., joined the company in 1945 after serving in the Army Air Force during WWII as a distinguished fighter pilot hero. For 28 years the company was a leader in the Houston, Texas  real estate market, developing large subdivisions and constructing thousands of single-family FHA homes for “baby boomers”.  In 1962, weary of “big city life”, Mr. Lupton, Jr.  moved the company to southwest New Mexico during the copper mining industry boom days. For the next 15 years, Mr. Lupton. developed much needed subdivisions in the region, constructed affordable housing and secured large contracts from Phelps Dodge Copper Corporation to build company townsites in New Mexico and Arizona.  After his retirement, the company was passed on to Lance H. Lupton and again, after the copper industry’s decline, the company was moved to Mesa, Arizona to reap the benefits of the progressive Arizona real estate markets from 1977 to 1991.

During these years in Arizona, Lance H. Lupton continued a long-standing company tradition of building homes with care and craftsmanship. The following excerpt was part of our company brochure at the time:

“Because high labor, material, land and financing costs result in slim profit margins,
cutting corners has become a general practice in the construction industry.  Exceptions, of course, do exist and Lupton Construction Company, Inc. is proud to be among that elite group. We do it by watching our “overhead costs”, “kicking our own tires” and by doing our own work.  One will always find us in the field during all phases of construction. We quality check our products and work directly on an everyday basis with material suppliers, specialty subcontractors and our valued employees in order to produce the best possible product. You will find – and we ask you to company – our efforts do “pay off” as outstanding workmanship combined with solid comfort, livability, innovative styling, many unique features and affordability to qualify for our own personal brand of excellence.”

Key words to note are “by doing our own work”.  Instead of subcontracting every trade, Lance was active in all the trades except plumbing, HVAC and electrical.  From layout to trenching footings, setting forms for concrete slabs to building masonry walls, rough wood framing to installing all types of roofing materials, hanging-taping-texturing drywall, installing doors-trim-cabinets, painting to laying all types of flooring, building fence, landscaping .. Lance has done it all.

While in Arizona, Lance also formed Arizona Contracting Industries, Inc. (ACI) and Arizona Drywall Enterprises, Inc. (ADE)  While continuing the longtime Lupton Construction Co., Inc. family tradition of building over 2,000 tract and custom homes, Lance developed ACI and ADE into major trade companies, subcontracting framing-drywall-roofing-stucco-interior doors & trim on thousands of single-family homes and approximately 100 multi-family and apartment projects from many of the national homebuilding companies active in the Arizona market.  At times, ACI employed 500-600 fulltime employees, ADE employed 100-150 skilled workers.  Yes, we continued “doing our own work” on every single-family home Lupton Construction Co., Inc. built in Arizona.

Admittedly, the 1988-90 national recession severely affected Arizona and the rest of the country. Mesa, Arizona, where each company was based, went from boom town to ghost town in a short time. Every savings & loan institution in Arizona was taken over by the Fed’s, there was little work to be found. An exception was central Oregon and in 1992, Lance took advantage of a wealthy relative’s offer and assistance  to relocate to Bend, Oregon, which was booming.  The family tradition continued, although the three companies were merged into what is now PacWest Contracting, LLC.  From 1992-1996, PacWest constructed 500 single-family homes in central and southern Oregon and continued subcontracting multiple trades on tract home subdivisions, multi-family and apartment projects, assisted living facilities, motels and a variety of commercial buildings.  The single-family home markets in these areas were small in comparison to Arizona markets, and Lance could see consistent over-building, which created extremely competitive markets and low profit margins. Therefore, during the mid 90’s until present day, PacWest began concentrating more on multi-trade subcontracting for larger commercial projects throughout northern California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  With longtime ties to the Arizona and Utah markets, PacWest subcontracted multi-trades on 150+ commercial projects all over the western USA.  At times, PacWest has employed 200-300 skilled workers and furnished labor and/or labor & material packages for all major construction trades including:  wood & metal rough framing, steel erection, Hardi-Plank siding, stucco, roofing, concrete, interior doors & trim and painting.  Our company is mobile, willing to travel anywhere and has the necessary manpower, equipment, supplier contacts and resources to handle most projects.

Today and yesteryear, PacWest continues the traditions carried forward during our home building years. Excellent workmanship, timely performance, competitive prices … because we care and take pride in our work. Yes, we are organized to be a profitable company, but we also recognize the necessity of each contractor on a project to be an integral “piece of the puzzle”, doing whatever is necessary to build and complete a successful project for our clients.

PacWest Contracting LLC looks forward to working with you!



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