Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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PacWest IS Metal Framing ...

PacWest will:

Assure our clients consistency & accountability …
through structured operational systems and precise field communications plus
effective use of current technologies.

Strive to exceed our clients’ expectations …
by continually pursuing technological advances and developing individual
expertise with coordination to the industry.

Maintain a team of expert tradesman on your project …
by making this commitment a major part of our company philosophy combined
with overwhelming desire to excel, PacWest is a logical choice to your team.

Take pride in the completed project …
our desire is to become an integral long term member of the “team”.  By taking pride in our work, offering consistent performance, highest quality workmanship, and competitive pricing we will.

PacWest - Metal Framing

PacWest Contracting LLC is a regional subcontractor and has marketed services throughout the western USA since 1977. One of our specialties is light gauge metal framing labor & material packages on all types of commercial & multi-framily projects. Also, by offering wood framing labor & material packages, PacWest excels on projects requiring the two different (yet similar) framing systems.  
By being a leading regional metal framing contractor, PacWest has a distinct, competitive advantage over others. The ability to use metal, wood, or hybrid materials separately or in unison is unique. Our installers are skilled with all material options and installations are always completed with quality workmanship in mind.
Our bidding process is based on efficient use of labor and detailed material purchasing through trusted wholesalers. The bidding process converts to building procedures after winning the contract, jobsite  installers and supervisory personnel know exactly where all materials are placed and used, reducing material waste and increasing building efficiency.  

Our experience has led us into the demands of projects with seemingly impossible construction schedules. We excel at these challenges because of our accountability and professionalism.  

Our vision is to continue as a leader in the industry by enhancing every project we contribute on, and becoming trusted subcontractor with your company.


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