Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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PacWest - Tract Housing

PacWest  has been a multi-trade subcontractor and material supplier for all types of large scale tract home and residential projects since 1977.  What does 33 years of solid experience give our customers? The answer is simple .. solid insight into building residential projects which others may not be able to offer. Our layers of experience in the field provides an invaluable and knowledgeable resource for the quality minded developers, builders and construction managers who seek on time performance, competitive pricing and superb workmanship from their subcontractors and material suppliers.

Offering turnkey labor and material packages for a variety of trades, PacWest is a logical choice and worthy addition to a construction team for large scale tract home or residential projects.
And, PacWest travels. Over the years, we have subcontracted a variety of trades on 100’s of residential  projects scattered throughout the western USA in most major metropolitan areas. Be assured that when PacWest “pulls onto your project, we are there to work”. Instead of “meeting the construction schedule”, let us make suggestions on how to beat it.

Last but most importantly, check our work.  Visit any tract home or residential project which PacWest has subcontracted a variety of trades on since 1977 and compare to any other vendor/supplier.  ( too many to mention, list available on request)

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