Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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PacWest - Rough Framing

Reputation speaks louder than words and PacWest has established a flawless record of customer satisfaction for over 30 years. Our experienced crew has worked together for over 20 years and takes pride in providing the necessary expertise to build problem-free, high-quality projects. PacWest’s approach to pricing sets us apart from others in the industry. We provide a comprehensive price quote prior to the implementation of any project. Our familiarity and experience framing all over the western USA is the catalyst for our PLANNING, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and MATERIAL QUALITY.



PacWest can handle any size of commercial or tract residential project.  Over the years, we have contracted all types and sizes of commercial projects and large scale housing developments with 500-800+ single-family housing units. Often, the number of “starts” ranged from 50-100 per phase, all with a rigid completion schedule which PacWest always met.


Our top-notch craftsman, foreman, and apprenticeship program results in crews of the highest caliber. PacWest employees take personal pride in creating superior construction which exceeds minimum tolerances and competitive standards.


Our tenured staff maintains an all-year building schedule. We employ over 100 carpenters and support staff; and our man-lifts and high reach forklifts enable us to perform on a "fast track schedule", regardless of the weather conditions or location.



We participate in weekly on-site, outside safety personal inspections that surpass OSHA criteria. This fastidious attention to safety has resulted in significant savings on insurance premiums which is passed on to the customer.


A rigorous inspection ensures that all materials are of the highest quality. Special attention is paid to the best use of exposed materials, with particular focus on color matching and knot selection. We also ensure that all timbers are free of heart centers. Since we use multiple lumber brokers from the western USA that ship direct, we can offer clients a better price.

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